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The SEO-harmony disclaimer

Disclaimer: Please Read

The posts contained within this website are the sole property of David Pavlicko, and may not be reposted, reprinted or re-used in any other medium without my specific, written permission.   The opinions expressed herein are my own and do not represent the views of my clients or employer in any way.

I am not an affiliate or spokesperson for any company at this time, though I reserve the right to promote offers I feel provide value to my readers. Should I choose to become an affiliate for any service or product I write about or promote, I will clearly state the affiliate relationship on the same page as the affiliate link or post.

I am not a lawyer. I am not a doctor, but I am a husband and father. I may at times offer a response, either within a post or in answer to a visitor’s question – but do not take anything I say as legal or medical advice. (e.g. go screw yourself, jump off a cliff, etc…)  I may, on occasion, discuss technical issues or provide tutorials related to the topics I care about – I assume no responsibility or liability for errors or mistakes that I may make in providing this information, though I will attempt to correct any errors if I am notified of them via email or within the comments of the related post – assuming the corrections are valid. Sample code is provided “as is” with no warranties of any kind, express or implied.

I have a sense of humor, though you may or may not find the things I say funny. I will not intentionally offend or personally attack anyone, but some may find the things I write about offensive or upsetting – I have no obligation to make everyone (or anyone) happy.

I believe in freedom of speech and the US Constitution. If you don’t, beat it.


This site uses web analytics (specifically Google Analytics) to analyzing visitor traffic and user behavior within the site. I reserve the right to use the analytics provider of my choice, and/or use server log information from this site’s hosting company to perform common tasks, such as – discovery of broken links within site, blocking of IP addresses for spammers or web scrapers, verifying the effectiveness of offline or online marketing campaigns, improvement of site usability for users with different browsers or operating systems, and so on. To find out what information Google collects and how to opt-out, click here.

I will NEVER EVER EVER knowingly collect private personal information without the expressed consent of the visitor. No personal information shared with this site (such as email for newsletter signup)  will ever be provided to a 3rd party, without the expressed consent of the visitor (e.g. feedburner email signups)

If you still have questions regarding the privacy or information contained within this site, please email me using the contact form on this site or within the comments.

Thank you and good day!