screen capture of youtube filmstrip preview in search results

Expandable YouTube Videos Appearing in Organic Search

Google is now testing video previews directly in their organic search results. Check it out:

screen capture of youtube filmstrip preview in search results

Google had already introduced the ‘preview’ site option that lets users view a cached (and usually much uglier) version of a search listing’s website without having to click through and leave the search results page they’re on. But this new video filmstrip preview for youtube videos actually plays short clips with the option for sound as well…

youtube search previews with sound option

Do other video sites, like vimeo, also show previews in Google search?

That would be a big fat N – O.

vimeo videos don't show in google preview

If this feature becomes permanent, it would most certainly make youtube marketing and video SEO a requirement instead of an option for clients who need to succeed in the SERPs. I’m pretty sure it would also have a negative effect on competing video sites. So despite what happens in the end, you should take this a warning sign –  if you haven’t jumped on that youtube bandwagon yet, you’d better get to steppin!

Have you seen video previews in your neck of the woods yet? If so, let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Expandable YouTube Videos Appearing in Organic Search”

  1. Bing has been showing video previews for a while (mouse over them and it plays a little bit of the video)… I don’t think that it registers as a view on YouTube though. Any thoughts since this post is now a bit old, anything new happening here?

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