13 thoughts on “Is Facebook Really a Satanic Cult Masking As a Social Network?”

  1. Wow, you just compared the Masons to a satanic cult? So, all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, George Washington, both of my grandfathers and my dad are satan worshippers?
    Way to devolve your blog into the Inquirer and go for the baseline drama title.
    BTW, I highly doubt, based on Mark Zuckerberg’s social behavior, that he is a member of the Masons.

  2. Huh! I dnt buy sh*t… Evn if am using a netwrk managed by satanists, i dnt worship their god. The ALMIGHTY GOD knws i worship Him & Him alone. We buy thngs made by evil pple, eat their food evn tel thm we miss thm nt using f.b. It depends on hw u wnt 2 use it 4. I knw pple tht wake up giving Glory 2 God.Stop ths hatin game & get a lyf

  3. lol really, are u all too blind to see whats going on out here in this world, the devil is all around you and sees and hears you as we speak, yesssss this is masonic devil worship symbols of facebook, the cia is behind this network, you think a kid did all of this by him self, really, what a sleeping and dreaming world you live in, wake up, facebook is everywhere now, not because of what it is, its a million social networks out there but they didnt chose to sell out to the devil like he did, look it up,

  4. If facebook is real controlled by those damn satanists/illuminat more than the half of this world’s souls will be damned 2 hell! Coz even pastors these days use this social network to promote their career…lol

  5. Interesting, where is that F freemason symbol from?
    I believe it is satanic, the fact that it is controlled by the Cia, and everyone is glued into it.
    But this whole world is satanic, satan is the ruler of this world.
    It depends what you put in to it I guess. If you dedicate your posts and time on facebook, to exposing satan, .. isn’t it different

  6. Really interesting, what could be behind facebook..
    Blue has been known to stand for religion, the freemason’s cane and two balls actually looks like a phallic symbol related to fertility and satanic worship, look at the symbols of Xmas, Now.. How about Them apples.
    I don’t think users of facebook (i am one) are damned, that’s ridiculous! we are sheeple just trying to have some fun and connect with others.

  7. This had such a stupid title that it drew my attention instantly. First of all, hericey is something that Zionists made up to keep gentiles afraid to explore spirituality. Second of all, the “Satanism” of Freemasons was an exploration of ancient Akkadian, Egyptian, and area’s science and religion. Anyways due to Jews overpowering the Freemasons they have not been exploring any of this for over a hundred years. Benjamin Franklin and George Washington frankly (get it frankly-Franklin) saw this coming and begged the Continental Congress to not allow them into the home of the free. The color blue in spirituality comes from the Kingdom of Duat (any color has spiritual symbolism), but the reason they use the color blue is because THAT IS WHAT THE FUCK LOOKED THE BEST! By the way how exactly is Zuckerburg tied to the Freemasons? To sum up if you believe that there is some crazy Satanic conspearicy you see, its more than likely a Christian extremist pulling your leg, the worst thing that can happen to you is if Christianity begins to control your life.

  8. All I can say is really faceboo is real satan, we can say devil or evil too, facebook is destroying the life of a student, destroy peace between husband and wife, create hateness between children and parents, there is no respect the girls put their pictures as publicity, they write messages with very strong filthy words, they forget their religion, they don’t respect anyone, technology is a must, but we must know how to use it, those devils open the facebook site to destroy the world, because when all the people turn on the facebook, they will not care what’s goin on in the world, war, fight, rape, drugs, sex are destroying our everyday life, and now facebook is a new version of destruction, we must work hard with our children to get them out of satan’s hand.

  9. My oh my. An SEO website and the owner is foaming at the mouth with batshit insane born again Christian nonsense? Besides a few fringe conspiracy cultists the majority of anti-masonic movement globally is rebirthed drivel in evangelical TV type preachers who use fear to keep their flock in place. Every single claim against the Craft has been shown to be a flat out lie, but these uneducated idiots still spout nonsense from the Taxil hoax which–given the title should be obvious–is a hoax as though they are fact.

    These idiots are aiming for their target demographic, however, and from the comments here you can see they are reaching that target demographic. They’re looking for transient fickle minded folks with bad educations who will believe what they’re told. It’s just as how nigerian schemes are INTENTIONALLY corny because that way they can weasel out all of those who would ping it for a scam and will only get the truly ignorant an uneducated.

    There will always be the truly ignorant and uneducated, and even if you take them by the hand and show them over and over again how their beliefs are wrong, you will get nowhere. As a Freemason and a lawyer I once assisted a bunch of crazies who wrote this tl;dr website (one of those single page ‘.HTM’ frontpage multi-font color and size wall of text ones) about ‘evil ordo templi freemason jew mason templar illuminati reptiles’, and various other random rants, they couldn’t get the name right and just muttered nonsense evoking a bunch of words that sounds eerie and esoteric for their clique. They managed to say the OTO eat babies, basically, got sued, taken to court, told the judge she’s a freemason (apparently we let in women now?) and called her satan, got locked up for contempt of court, continued to embarass themselves, calling their appointed lawyers, doctors, etc, satan / the devil / spouting grandiose conspiracies the whole time.

    Long story short, I ended up flying interstate and getting these loons out of trouble, at great personal cost whilst not mentioning that I’m a Brother. Sadly throughout the entire thing I didn’t run into a single fellow Freemason, not even a court officer or clerk, no one, so I’m not sure how they deduced the place was crawling with masonitemplarorientisuminatis but after quite a few months and having got them out and back into their state of residence it wasn’t until at a meeting of their supporters that I decided it was time to mention that they were sprung by a Freemason and their entire batshit agenda against us was ill founded and confusing a charitable fraternity for something it’s not.

    I wasn’t sure how to go about this, having led idiots by the hand before I’ve encountered their flawed logic and rhetoric on the subject. “Oh, you’re not a high enough rank!” ahuh, sure I’m not, there are only three degrees in blue lodge Freemasonry, entered apprentice, craft, and master. Then you can opt to do lateral degrees, that is, you can join red lodge or other appendant bodies that are affiliated with the Craft. These degrees are different to ‘Freemasonry’, but you must be a master mason to be able to do them. Keep in mind these ‘degrees’ I speak of are similar in concept to university, in fact that is where universities method of degrees originated from (bachelors, masters, doctoral) in some variants. The degrees impart wisdom through allegory and ritual, rather than rote learning tomes of self-help books you learn through carrying out ‘ancient rituals’ or mnemonic plays, per se, elements to remember to make yourself a more functional upstanding member of society.

    It could be argued that the fact that learning how to organise your fellow man to stand up for themselves, or speak for yourself, or represent and advocate for others, even down to just public speaking is a threat to some religious institutions who would rather man be subjugated and their pastors or fear mongers be the only ones with the audacity to make such representations, but it has long been one of the main reasons Freemasons have rubbed the organised heirarchy up the wrong way, from the French revolution to the Nazi’s to the Communists (Hey, notice the enemies of Freemason are enemies of freedom and peace? Osnap!) but even when you literally sit down and waste hours or days or weeks of your life showing these conspiracy tards the facts you still get ‘rank’ thrown at you.

    As a 33rd degree red lodge member (and naturally a 3rd degree blue) I have even had conspiracy tards turn around and say “Oh, but there’s a 34th degree, a super secret degree!” … are you serious? I’ve even heard of a 35th and 36th degree, some even claim it goes up to 66 degrees because that’s just one six off the mark of the beast and fits within their pathological insanity. Well, this is absolute nonsense. I have access to every Masonic library in the world, and would like to consider myself one of the most advanced Masonic scholars out, using my youthful information driven approach to suck in and learn everything I can about the organisation. I have read things from strange esoteric texts that weren’t even related to the Craft but had a similar symbol involved (which happens often, look at the swastika and hinduism and the other religions it’s appeared in, or crosses, they’re everywhere!) but in all the tens of thousands of books I’ve read I’ve never seen even a hint that there is anything but 3 degrees in blue lodge and 33 in red.

    I am in a position where I can call most of the worlds most established, well known, and advanced Freemasons more than just Brother, but personal family friends. People who have spent their entire lives devoted to furthering the charity and good-doings of the Craft, and not a single attempt to glean any secret ’34th’ details off them has resulted in anything. I should probably mention that I was a conspiracy nutter at one point in my life. My dad was a bit of a hippie, he didn’t join Freemasonry because only ‘squares’ did (A square, ironically, is another term for a Freemason, as is ‘being on the square’, so yes that’s where the term for a conservative boring church going goody two shoes type comes from because that’s what FM’s traditionally are, and in the 60′s no one wanted to be like their parents, boring and square, so FM petitions for entry declined as it fell out of fashion as being drugged up sex crazed hippies was far more hip, which is where most of these current anti-masons and their parents come from, because let’s face it if they had contact with Brothers in day to day life they’d know they’re not evil reptilian aliens!) but when I joined I did kind of break the cardinal rule of you must not join ‘because you’re curious about Freemasonry or want to find out more’ but I rationalized that the same way I did the need to believe in a supreme being to join, as many young free thinkers do when they join, the second law of thermodynamics was my supreme being whom I declared in open lodge and I was–naturally–accepted for my belief.

    Now forgive me dear reader for going off topic, I promise we’ll be back there in a moment, but whilst it’s on the tip of my tongue let me address the crime that all Freemasons committed that has modern Christians against us. We sat down with Muslims and Jews and accepted them amongst our ranks. On Friday the 13th when they rounded up the Templars, tortured them into false confessions (as inquisitors often did) and executed them, their crimes were associating with enemies of the church, Jews and Muslims alike. Those were the more heinous crimes, you’d have heard of weird stuff like worshiping a skull or what not, but that’s just because Templar’s had their head and thighs returned from the Crusades as the body was too difficult to transport intact and if you got caught transporting a Templar by Muslims at the time you’d be in for it. Those parts were important because they believed (controversially I may add) that the head was the seat of the man’s consciousness or soul, not the heart, and that the legs were what carried man through life and together formed the symbol of mortality, something we all should remember so we embrace our lives and do what we can with every day we are given! But sitting down with those evil Jews and evil Muslims was their main crime!

    So to Freemasons are the enemy of born again Christians because deep down they’re xenophobic and hate other faiths. If you sit down with a Muslim or a Jew I’m sure your pastor won’t say anything to your face, but if you dare to say that you love them as they’re your fellow creature even if they believe in a different god or worship the same god but differently then you’re sending your soul to hell because there is only one way to god! Mind you, every religion since monotheistic cults emerged has said that, theirs is the one true faith. Thinking outside of that, or thinking there may be many roads to Rome, or even just accepting people have different beliefs is a grave insult to their dogma. Freemasons think that way, in fact, we’re conditioned to be accepting and understand that people are different, it’s a strengthening and unifying force to understand that you cannot force people to do what you want, think how you want, or say what you want but work with what you’ve got and understand it’s up to every man to pursue his own choices and path in life to happiness as he sees fit. Who are you to judge your fellow creature? These words alone are a threat to born-again Christians and most of Christendom. Don’t get me wrong, Muslims would be the same, and more stringent Jews. Heaven forbid if you said the above as either of those two as well! But it’s no surprise that Muslims hate on Freemasons to the same degree as these neo-Christians (I need a better term for that breed, we all know them, crazy fringe dwelling types in their mega churches who aren’t Christian at all because they sure as hell aren’t reading the same bible as other Christians, the ones who pick and choose their gospels and denounce anyone who doesn’t interpret things in their own fringe way and hate on everyone, crazy Westbro style or otherswise!) because that level of free thinking would undo churches ability to control the population with fear.

    Now back to my crazy friends who’ve just been sprung from prison. They denounced me. The second they heard I was a Freemason, even though I had been 100% open with them, they met my family, they saw every aspect of my life while I fought for their freedom, I kept absolutely nothing from them but my status as a member of a Masonic lodge just to see if showing them and in the process saving their asses from a lengthy jail term from their constant verbal diarrhea would change their mind. Mind you, I should point out these guys refused to take down their hate site as the court dubbed it until some guy in Europe who communicates with some hippie alien entity that’s bringing forth the ‘age of Aquarius’ or something emailed them (one of their friends later admitted to emailing him explaining what was going on knowing they believe he actually talks to aliens who give him instructions) he said to them that the alien he talks to contacted him and told him to reach out to them and tell them to take down their website because to leave it up will let the evil freemasons persecute them more or some piffle. They won’t listen to a court, or their family and friends, or reason and logic but some dude emails them out the blue who says an alien spoke to him and they do it. They’re THAT crazy. So I shouldn’t have been surprised they went all batshit-hamburger on me and started screaming about Jesus and casting me out, et cetera.

    I played it cool and continued to finish my speech, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I was going to explain myself so everyone present was aware that I chose to help them because I saw their plight, realised they were mentally challenged, and felt for them. Their friends actually seemed understanding. One of their friends I had built amazing rapport with I actually talked into talking to his family doctor and friend about his belief in conspiracy theories.

    Specifically Jews being reptile aliens who were behind the whole illuminati thing and Freemasons being their henchmen (I found that offensive! No offense to Jews but Freemasons are unified by being free thinkers not blindly following dogma, we built nations and empires based on acceptance, logic, and enlightenment (that’s where ‘luciferianism’ and all that bullshit comes into it, a strong claim for crazies that FM’s are ‘satan’ worshippers even though lucifer is Venus or the ‘bringer of light’ being knowledge, so it’s a term to imply someone who persues education or ‘enlightenment’ through education but few texts even say stuff like that but when they do it’s slang for seeking knowledge not worshipping some guy named lucifer, but rather knowing that Venus makes a pentagram in the sky over a seven year period, something only a learned fellow who watched the skies or read books would comprehend can be affiliated with that term!)) but to the doctors he went.

    He came back shocked, “He said that he thinks I have several psychological disorders. I’m confused though, I mean I know he’s not one of them. At least I didn’t think he was?” He’s not. “Are you sure? I mean, he totally ran the whole sheeple line of believing what he’s told.” You mean believing whats real and what can be irrevocably proven through empirical investigation, logic, and reasoning? “I guess.” Long story short, he did start to seek the help of a therapist who really did help him get his head around things a bit better. He even started a university degree in science because of his interest in medicine (he was an anti-vaxxer) after I argued that he should actually get himself a proper education rather than just watching YouTube videos and learning the tip of the iceberg he should go learn the rest of the cool stuff lurking under the water so he’s an authority on the subject and not just another high school drop out like all conspiracy twerps.

    He actually left with me when I was asked to leave by my crazy compound-living Waco style loon ex-friends who ousted me as the devil from their home. But even after doing more for them than their fictional savior in their 800 year old book of lies and rantings of batshit insane desert nomads and saving them from spending their geriatric lives locked away, I was the devil. And so I left. It was then I realized that bothering to try and help guide the ignorant from their insane beliefs is not my job. And yet here I am writing this novella to you all, god damnit. Maybe I am just one of those stupid nice guys who doesn’t learn that some people don’t want to be helped?

    The hard part is, these idiots lives turn to crap when their conspiracies eat away at their brain and affect every facet of their life. Their foaming at the mouth and hate speech scares everyone away. But that’s just because ‘they can’t handle the truth’. No, it’s because you’re a lunatic. They talk shit and get themselves in more and more grief and trouble and eventually fall foul of the law by deciding not to pay taxes, or committing some crime and not paying fines or turning themselves in for it and end up on the run at some point. But they USE that to rationalize and justify their ‘persecution’ as illustrative of the righteousness of their hate speech and crazy thoughts! The more things that go wrong they more hardened their insanity–the CAUSE of their woes–becomes as they see everything as some Zionist Illuminati Freemason Templar OTO conspiracy (to quote my friends above) against them to keep the ‘guy who got too close to finding out the truth’ down.

    Look at David Icke (sp?), he’s like that. The more he goes insane, the more people shun him, which he uses as PROOF that he’s close to the truth. If you disagree with anything he says and don’t buy into his whole entire GRAND CONSPIRACY OF EVERYTHING tying in the moon landings to JFK to the garden gnome that went missing last week from his aunts lawn then you are a puppet of the evil doers and part of the grand conspiracy.

    This flawed horrible logic is a mental cancer that eats and erodes away at a mans ability to be a free thinker, it eats away at his very person, the heart of him, his soul if you will. It destroys everything that is human about him and turns him into a deranged vessel of hatred. By participating or humoring these fools you are feeding their deranged behaviour and helping them harm themselves and those around them. If you don’t believe there is any REAL harm to such things, I strongly urge you to look at whatstheharm d.ot net, or google “whatstheharm”, it lists the financial damages as well as injuries and deaths involved in irrational thought and believing in various hoaxes, conspiracies, or alternative medicines, or even just zany religious practices.

    Feeding the Internet’s idiocy machines, voting up YouTube videos that’re professing insane views because you kind of agreed with one point, or otherwise buying the whole because you agree with the part just feeds into the severe chronic psychiatric disorders floating around out there, where sociopathic individuals who’s sole purpose of existence is now to pour out hatred on their fellow man based on what? Their membership of a fucking charitable organisation that raises money for childrens hospitals and other innocent innocuous things and does more for REAL charity donating to ACCOUNTABLE sources which any member of the public can examine as opposed to religions who hide behind religion so you can’t see where their money goes? Seriously, everything to do with Freemasonry is public fucking record. Our only secrets are how we identify one another, most all ritual is publicly available. We keep those things secret so people can’t impersonate us and damage our reputation; that said there are thousands of ‘internet freemasons’ like a modern version of Crowley or Gardner (the guy who started Wicca (who was kicked out of Freemasonry for being a kiddy fiddler then started a religion about sex magick like Crowley that involved kiddy fiddling and nudity, gee, and FM’s are the bad ones!) who claim to be Freemasons yet strangely can’t be found on a single register anywhere. Ohsnap, another thing, we’re ON RECORD. What other ‘secret organisation’ does that? Hells Angels? Hell no! :P

    But honestly people, before you foam at the mouth and preach hatred, learn about the subject. Facebook has NOTHING to do with Freemasonry. That logo is NOT an accepted symbol of Freemasonry, but a later creation as a novel way of advertising one is a Freemason. That said, it applies to Tubal Caine, often misrepresented by anti-masons as being Cain from Cain and Abel the biblical passage, some even crazier ones claim that Freemasons secretly worship (how the fuck we manage to run the world and hang out with our reptile overlords when we’re off secretly worshiping all these evil deities and people is beyond me!) Cain as in biblical Cain and according to Freemason Watch’s article on it, who quote some whimsical story then the biblical story of Cain and Abel, they then say that we ‘put Cain on a pedestal and aspire to be like him’ apparently. Again, utter nonsense, but the problem is whilst I went to the extreme to help the above two persons and have spent god knows how many years of my life PROVING to people facts about Freemasons, I am dismissed, but the writings of some batshit insane guy who–like Freemason Watch or even the two above–have one of those single page crazy wall of text multi-color font FrontPage .HTM websites is CLEARLY telling the truth even though they can’t refer to a single primary source let alone show explain everything in great detail and prove chains of causation, et cetera, to help you come to the logical conclusion of the facts.

    It’s just how all of modern science and medicine is wrong and Meryl Dorey a high school drop out anti-vaccination bitch responsible for the death of at least 48 children directly attributed to her is right because she watched a few YouTube videos and believes in the MMR hoax (another thing that’s KNOWN to be a hoax yet is still believed, that vaccines can be linked to autism, which was disproven a bazillion times!) just as, for example, homeopathy has been disproven beyond ANY measure of doubt and yet Francine Scrayen talked Penelope Bingle (by way of her ‘Doctor’ husband who remarried a month later and is a ‘public speaker’ and self proclaimed celebrity who pretends his dead wife never existed and that he wasn’t responsible for her murder through negligence even though the coroner disagrees!) into not undergoing treatment for curable bowel cancer who instead died a horrible, horrible death with zero pain management over a period of three years as her bowels perforated and she pretty much died when her body became a sack of her own excrement leaking out of every orifice. Google that story if you ever want to realize just why you should be mad that alt. medicine is passed around as real (if it worked it’d be medicine, not alternative, ergo it doesn’t bloody work!) but again this all ties into these conspiracy nuts. They all support each other. They all hold each others hands and reaffirm their delusions and mental sickness because they want to feel part of a community and have that peer support system available that normal sane people have but they want to do it by focusing their lives on evil draining vile things that destroy everything good in this world and leads to the suffering and tragedy in the lives of others around them.

    I just can’t even fathom what went so horribly wrong in someones life for them to turn into such a hate filled conspiracy nut. My conspiracy nutism died early, I blame X-files, I loved that show as a kid. But after joining Freemasonry I started to realize just how much bullshit was spread about them, and coming from a long line of Freemasons I enjoyed the fact that I felt like I belonged and shared a common ancestry and history with these people. That’s what religion gives you, it unifies people who aren’t allowed to unify based on other things such as politics or their race (white people are bad, and all that, right?) but religion also slips in a lot of demands, subjugation, surrendering of your will, etc. You can disagree with anything and everything your Brothers say in lodge, in fact, there’s absolutely NOTHING about being a Freemason you MUST do or MUST NOT do short of not revealing how we truly identify a fellow FM and you must believe in a supreme being which I outlined above as also embracing science more often than not these days. No religion is that easy going, but then again religions don’t want to be because then they’d be a charity and they’d be open to public scrutiny as to where their funds and donations go! ;)

    But going back a moment to things like Nigerian schemes, they want the idiots, because the idiots don’t ask questions. Freemasons don’t want the idiots, by being challenged and having things overturned and changed, we evolve, and become a better organisation. The old dramatic (think dead poets society on crack) rituals of the punishments should you break your Masonic oath were just that, dramatic, for a reason. No one was REALLY going to do anything bad to you, you might have some folks get butthurt and try and make your life difficult for a bit out of spite if you did something REALLY inappropriate, but no one is going to have their nose out of joint for too long as life is far too short to be angry and spiteful at someone. But it sounds cool, right? Dramatic! Leaves an impression on a young gentleman who’s secreted away joining the fraternity one dark winters night in London in the 1700s. Sounds stupid now though, doesn’t it. Of course it does, and that’s why it was removed decades ago; even though lame-o websites still claim it exists, maybe some backwards lodges in foreign nations still use it I don’t know, but most of the dicky stuff has been removed because to modern society it sounds dicky and is just awkward and embarrassing. Those changes were brought about because FM’s are free thinkers who are accepting and understanding. Conspiracy theorists are actually quite the anti-Mason in both intent and also both in what they are, everything about them is the polar opposite of Freemasonry. Close mindedness, fear, insecurity, distrust, unaccepting of their fellow man. But they reap what they sow.

    Anyway, I’ve spent far too long on this. I honestly do hope that this gives you some insight into the Brotherhood. If you have ANY questions add me on Twitter (I follow back automatically #f4f style.) at @prom3theus and I will answer ANYTHING you could ever ask, just not how we truly identify a fellow Freemason so I don’t have to break my oath. The rest is yours. But please, if you’re a lunatic and just going to leave me even more bitter and jaded about why I bother trying to help illuminate others that their ideas about Freemasons are affected by people far more evil and vile than what they claim FM’s are (ie: crazy christians as explained and outlined above who are so blinded by hate, etc, etc.) then don’t be surprised if I don’t bother replying or tell you to get fucked. I have to draw a line somewhere or I could quite literally waste my life away trying to beat my head against a wall. Education is very important to me and I spend at least 6 hours of my day learning for the sake of learning, if I had my time eaten by conspiracies and lunacy I wouldn’t be as learned as I am today and I consider my level of intellectual attainment to be the greatest gift that life has given me, beyond any doubt, and I embrace it. So don’t get between me and my brainiac learnathons, or I’ll cut you bitch! :P (HUMOR, crazy christian people reading this, I’m not REALLY going to cut anyway, I was trying to be all ghetto! :b)

  10. @prom3theus – It’s great to hear that you guys are a bunch of loving, charitable chaps. You made your point very eloquently, I think.

    Except for the part about batshit insane born again Christians. THAT was a little weird.

  11. Wow, christians these days thinks evvery thing is “satanic”. This type of thing made me so anti religious.

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