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Use Psychological Motivators in Your Web Copy

You’ve just spent the last 2 hours reworking the content for a client’s landing page to help improve the desired conversion. Unfortunately, you’ll be re-writing it again in just a few minutes after you realize you’ve forgotten to employ these all-so-important tactics in your copy. But remember, with great power comes more money, …or responsibility, or something like that.


Mobile Blogging Using Dragon Dictation

Internet marketers working today would most likely agree that there is less and less time to manage all of the different aspects of the typical search and social media campaign. That’s why I thought in this post I would share with you a handy little tip to help you trod through some of that sludge a little bit faster.

One of the more time-consuming tasks we often struggle with as marketers is blogging. You know you have to do it, whether for link building via guest posts, building your own personal brand, or creating keyword rich blogs that no one will ever read.  And unless you’re paying someone to create the posts, you’re the one who has to pony up and get to it. So let’s see where we can trim some time on that.

I bring you the dragon dictation app.

It’s free, currently works on the iPhone and probably android though I haven’t checked it out.

Here’s what you do- after downloading the app, gather your thoughts. breakdown two or three bullet points and start blabbering. I’ve found the Dragon dictation app to be surprisingly accurate. Much more so than trying to type on the iPhone. The only downside is that it limits the number of characters that it transcribes during each session. Though I haven’t noticed any limit to the number of sessions you can have while using it so you can close -reopen, close – reopen, close….well, you get the point.

blogging with iphone by dictation
Yell at me all you want. I won't yell back.

If all you’re looking for is a quick and easy way to post up an image with a paragraph of copy,  if combined with the very good WordPress mobile app for iOS – this will definitely do the trick .  Just tap the copy button on the Dragon dictation app after you’re done talking, open the wordpress app and paste in.  For longer posts, I find copying and pasting to the notes app first is faster. When you’ve got the words in wordpress, do a quick editorial run through, as you’ll likely need to add some punctuation here and there – correct any proper nouns and bad grammar, etc.. Upload an image from your iphone photo library or snap one from within the app, and publish.

Booyah, you’re done – and all in less than 2 minutes.

screen shot of dragon dictation app on iphone
hey look, Ma. No-hands!

Is this a perfect solution?

Uh, no. Not by a longshot. I used the app for the whole section above using it, but decided to finish up on my main computer, at my desk.

In fact, it’s likely much quicker to just type out a post on your laptop or desktop computer than trying to re-edit mangled dictation on a mobile device. You’ll also need to edit the alt attributes for the images you upload, add tags to the post, etc…all of which is much better accomplished when at a real keyboard.

But as a way for quickly gathering your thoughts, and throwing into a draft for later – it’s great. Nothing’s perfect in this world, but anything that helps even a little can go a long way…

What about you?

Do you blog via dictation, either on your mobile device or while sitting in front of your monitors? What’s the most effective way that you’ve found to blog?