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smartphone user search query activity 2011

Does Ranking Position Matter for Smartphone Users?

You’re trying to create a search marketing strategy for smartphone users, and you’re struggling with which marketing channel you should focus on. Of course there are a multitude of paid ad networks for mobile out there, you could also develop an app and try and promote that. There’s always social interaction, but what about good ‘ol SEO?

Does first page ranking matter as much on a smartphone?

We all know the stats on how users interact with the SERPs on desktop systems, but what about on their mobile device?  Let’s go ask Google’s new think insights center.

According to the stats, 30% of all mobile devices in use today are smartphones, and that percentage is growing at a rapid pace. We also know that the vast majority of users with smartphones only browse the internet for relatively short periods of time each session.  For more info on smartphone usage, you can check out my ‘in-progress’ docs presentation.

I didn’t bother asking whether or not people use their internet-enabled smartphones for searching, because,… well….duh. Of course they do.

But just how likely is it that those individuals searching Google on their phone will actually venture past that first all-important page of results?

smartphone user search query activity 2011
Pretty close search behavior, if you ask me.

Ok, well us smartphone users certainly like to search with our phones, that’s a given.  What’s ‘kinda’ surprising is that almost half of us will venture past that 1st page of results when looking for an answer to a search query.

Now the only thing left to ask, is WHY?

Are there fewer search results per page on a smartphone?

No. You’ll find the same number of results on a smartphone search using Google as you will with the desktop search.

Are there more ads?

Not really. Of course the sidebar ads are all gone, but Google typically only shows 2 paid ads at the top of the results and 2-3 ads at the bottom of the page, before the pagination. They’ll also include universal results – youtube videos, news, etc. as well as ‘relate search queries’ just above the paid ads at the bottom.

That’s a lot to get through. And still –  almost 1/3 of smartphone users will click the next page(s) to find that result they’re looking for.

What do you think? Is it worth pursuing SEO for mobile devices at this point, or is it better to focus on other channels? Let me know!

mobile advertising tops one billion dollars in 2011

Mobile Ad Sales to Top ONE BILLION dollars in 2011

mobile advertising tops one billion dollars in 2011I’m sorry. Did you say that you’re STILL waiting for mobile to take off before advertising on it?

Maybe you should watch this clip featuring Anna Bager, who heads the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) mobile section.

Then pull your head out of the sand and get with the game. (tip: if you’re going to do it with adwords, please don’t combine all devices into one campaign…)

U.S. Mobile Ad Sales to Top $1 Billion in 2011 by 5minTech