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The Moz’s updated SEO for beginners guide just released.

2010 search engine ranking factors

SEOMoz just released the beginners guide to search engine optimization v. 2.0, and I recommend you check it out.

Sure, you’ve been doing search engine optimization for years and you already know all this stuff, but that shouldn’t stop you from reading this handy guide.

Here’s why I’m checking it out, and you should too:

  1. I have difficulty retaining information… I think the new stuff I learn just pushes out the old stuff. Printing out or saving the guide to your computer gives me a nice reference for those times when my brain refuses to work properly.
  2. Once in a while, we need a little refresher just to make sure we’re not still optimizing keyword meta tags or submitting to thousands of directories (of course I know you wouldn’t do that). That’s a perfect time for a quick re-review of current best practices, though admittedly you SHOULD know.
  3. It gives you some useful information to pass along to your sales guy or boss who still tell your clients that they’re not sure how the SEO process works, but they think that it might involves a chicken, a lit cigar and a lot of chanting. (cluck cluck *ba-gawk!*)

But most importantly, above all of those reasons, is this. Their darn promo badge is awesome – how can I NOT put this on my site?

Read the Beginner's Guide to SEO

Curse you, moz. curse you.